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Gravestones of Our Ancestors
This is the beginning of a large undertaking. We are attempting to photgraph the still exisiting gravestones of all people to whom we are directly related to. This is slow task as many cemetaries in northern New England are not easily accessible for up to 6 months a year and when they are the ticks, black flies and rain can make an outing next to impossible. These were taken with an ordinary camera and unfortunately the developing process to put them on disc is not as good as it could be so I have put an explanation of who each picture is a stone of next to the pictures. As we get more taken and developed this section will grow. Please enjoy and for more info check out the on-line database. All the stones here represent someone in the on-line database.

bulletPinehill Cemetary (6 images)

bulletTownslee-Morgan Cemetary (11 images)

bulletOrr's Island Cemetary (7 images)

bulletGorham Maine Cemetary(1 image)

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